I finally bucked up and bought a backpack.  It means something very scary — I’m really, truly going abroad for six months!  I do feel better knowing that the pack is a good one, the REI Grand Tour for Women, and should treat me well.  It has a bunch of sweet features (Zip-off daypack? Yes please!  Stow-away shoulder straps? Mhmm!), lots of pockets, and fits pretty darn well.  I feel pretty confident I can make it through the wilds of Madrid safely.  ¡Gracias a Dios!

REI Women’s Grand Tour 

I’ve also recently acquired a Packtowel, a travel alarm, a camera case, a 2G memory card, some comfy walking shoes, little Woolite packets, a travel pillow, and a hostel sleep sack.  Interesting discovery: I was going to invest in a converter, because the sockets over there put out a higher current, but the only electronics I’m bringing over (laptop, iPod charger, battery charger) all accept that higher current.  Some forethought just saved me about $30.  May the luck hold!