There are officially eight days left.  It’s one week from my third annual Two Pi Day party, where I will say “adios” to all my Kirkwood friends and console myself with massive amounts of pie … while I cry.  What a sad, rhyming plan.

I’ve been getting a little nervous and sad already, and when I do my 14-year-old little brother likes to hug me and say, “Don’t worry, you’re not going anywhere.  Your passport isn’t coming, so you aren’t leaving.”

It’s true: my passport still has not arrived.  However, I got in touch with my U.S. Representative, Todd Akin, and help is reportedly on the way.  Apparently Congressmen have some magic sway over who gets (or doesn’t get) a passport in time to catch their flight.  I just hope Todd doesn’t know it was me who signed all those left-wing, close-Guantanamo-and-let-gays-marry petitions.  Otherwise I’m stuck here for sure!

Also: I’m not quite sure how I was supposed to know to call my congressman.  My sister told me to, and a friend from college also recommended it.  But if I were some poor, isolated loser, I would never have known!  I don’t think it says that anywhere on the State Department website, and the passport customer service guy definitely didn’t mention it.

On the up side, I’ve purchased even more stuff.  New shirts, new guidebooks, new TSA-approved suitcase lock, new rechargeable batteries, new makeup, new chapstick — new everything.  One thing I have not bought is a new cell phone that will work in Europe.  I have discovered, however, that I can postpone my (Verizon) account for three months for the small fee of $15, and it will save me $30 in phone fees and three months of service.  Yay!  (Comparatively, if I had terminated my account early, I would have saved $60 and paid $175 and lost my three months of service — and my beloved phone number!!  The thought of losing that dear, dear number for good makes me a little queasy.

In summary:

  • If you haven’t gotten your passport, call one of your congressmen.  They’re very friendly.
  • If you can’t stop worrying, shop more.
  • It makes more sense to postpone, not cancel, your cell phone plan.