Four days.  Three requests to expedite my passport application.  One potential last-minute trip to Chicago’s passport processing center.  No passsport.

Instead of stressing, I’ve been making sure I have everything I need for the next six months.  Planning outfits, anguishing over whether to take or leave the pink polo shirt.  Lame!  I have, however, developed a very nice capsule of outfits that intermix well without being too redundant.  Here are the pieces:

Cornflower blue t-shirt, teal and pink polos, and red and turquoise spaghetti strap shirts.  Brown dress with white polka dots.  Khaki and navy capris, and brown and blue skirts.  A brown cardigan and cute brown walking shoes cap off the list.  With appropriate jewelry, almost all the pieces go together to make very nice outfits.  Here is an example of eight outfits from six items.  Plus, the different jewelry can change the look of an outfit, even if the shirt and bottom are the same.

 Combos 1   Combos 2

I’ve also been spending time rushing around St. Louis county, getting copies of my birth certificate, getting vaccinations, getting blood drawn.  This is the picture of the pediatrician’s waiting room where I spent the morning:


Maybe it’s time for me to get an adult doctor.  … But the picture books are so fun!