From Amsterdam we took a short train to the nearby, arch-enemy city of Rotterdam.  Mandi and I spent most of our time organizing and splitting up our belongings.  A fantastic falafel run and a multi-cultural game of charades also enriched our evening, which we spent in the best hostel of the entire trip.  Hostel ROOM Rotterdam has about fifteen rooms, each with a different theme.  Ours was the Dutch Delight room.  Check it out!

Dutch Delight 1

Dutch Delight 2

There was also a recipe for Dutch Pea Soup painted on the wall behind Mandi’s bed.  Aside from some pesky mosquitoes that found their way into our room, the hostel was the best one of the whole trip.  The breakfast was a veritable buffet!  Wheat and white bread, dozens of jams and spreads, tea, coffee, and some delicious cereal with dried fruit.  (Thank God for a break from Corn Flakes!) 

The staff was incredibly friendly, offering us each a free shot of Dutch gin and organizing a rousing game of charades.  (Embarrassingly, the Turkish girl on my team knew a lot more about American movies, music, and TV shows than I did!) Inspired by my lovely stay at Hostel ROOM Rotterdam, I’m going to review each of the other hostels I’ve stayed at on the first half of my trip.  But that’s for next time. 

Now I’m going to lament how much I miss my sister, how much I’m scared about traveling on my own, how big my suitcase is without Mandi to help share the weight of the travel gear, etc.  Alright, lament completed.  Wish me luck on my solo travel!